Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2016 in the new format

And here we have the 8th Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2016. This time it will be a very special event in every respect. We received 38 submissions. The films are coming from Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Greece and Germany, among others. We have productions from Poland and Ireland as well. It was a very difficult task for the selection committee, because the standard of the films was very high and the subject matter quite varied. As organisers we have decided to enlarge our festival format, so we will have more accompanying events this year.

Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2016 PROGRAMME :

The Final Gala of the Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2016

Saturday 18/06/2016 at 19:00

Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2

Admission: €5

  • Showing of the 12 films – 3 hours approximately (English subtitles)
  • Refreshments 
  • Artistic performance – Sylwester Ochmanski, piano
  • Jury’s verdict
  • Showing of the film “Summon her children frame”, dir. Wesley O’Duinn
Sylwester Ochmański  He is a pianist and flutist. In addition, musician and teacher. He collaborates with the philharmonic, music school, chamber orchestra and jazz bands. Bus driver
Shortlisted films:
  1. Galli - The Lane  © Santosh Ram (India)
  2. Me, my self and I © Roksana Bursztynowicz (Ireland/ Poland)
  3. Yellow Fieber © Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece)
  4. Tolerance © Kuesti Fraun (Germany)
  5. The Unabridged - Bez skrótów © Nina Karniej, Filip Płucisz (Poland)
  6. The Blind of the Cathedral © Nadine Asmar (Lebanon)
  7. Fortress Europe © Sotiris Palaskas (Greece)
  8. 3xlove © Olga Chajdas  (Poland)
  9. Sonder © Bernardo Martínez (Mexico)
  10. The Dark © K V R   MAHENDRA  (India)
  11. Three in one - Trzy w jednym © Wojciech Turek (Poland)
  12. Ana Chronicle - Ana Crónica  ©  Luís Queiroga Ferraz (Portugal)
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More info about jury

Night Film Session – additional showing, outside the competition (English subtitles)
Friday 24/06/2016 at 21:00
Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2
Admission free, but contributions welcome

  1. Even Droids Have Friends © Caroline Grace - Casidy, Sorcha Furlong ( Ireland)
  2. Kendra & Mario - Wedding Art © Bernardo Martínez (Mexico)
  3. Tanker © Aashutosh Bhosekar (India)
  4. Stop © Tomek Rydzek (Ireland / Poland)
  5. The roles © BENSALEM Mohamed Bachir (Algeria)
  6. Love At First Light © Caroline Grace – Casidy (Irlandia)
  7. One last look © Robbie Walsh (Ireland)
  8. The Current © Eamonn Murphy (Ireland)

Additional events:
  • 17/06/2016 – Movie Night in Biblary and showing of the film „Jak być kochaną” ( polish language)
  • 24/06/2016 - Lecture "(...) What changes in the Polish spelling and why" - Dr Danuta Krzyżyk of the University of Silesia in Katowice ( polish language) 
  • 23 – 25/06/2016 – Traditional Singing Workshops ( English/ polish language) 
For more information about Festival related events,
FB: POSK Dublin
FB: Short Film Festival “ODDALENIA” – “DISTANCES”
FB Event:Oddalenia 2016 – Short Film Festiwal
FB Event: Wieczór Filmowy (17/06/2016)
FB Event: Poszukiwanie kwiatu paproci / In search of the Fern Flower – Traditional singing workshops
FB Event : O tym, co zmienia się w polskiej ortografii i dlaczego.

Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2016 - Films

The Final Gala Saturday June 18, 2016, start 7p.m. 
Venue : POLISH HOUSE/ DOM POLSKI , 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2 

  1. Galli - The Lane © Santosh Ram (Indie) 
  2. Me, my self and I © Roksana Bursztynowicz (Irlandia/Polska) 
  3. Yellow Fieber © Konstantina Kotzamani (Grecja) 
  4. Tolerance © Kuesti Fraun (Germany) 
  5. The Unabridged - Bez skrótów © Nina Karniej, Filip Płucisz (Polska) 
  6. The Blind of the Cathedral © Nadine Asmar ( Liban) 
  7. Fortress Europe © Sotiris Palaskas (Grecja) 
  8. 3xlove © Olga Chajdas (Polska) 
  9. Sonder © Bernardo Martínez (Meksyk) 
  10. The Dark © K V R MAHENDRA (Indie) 
  11. Three in one - Trzy w jednym © Wojciech Turek (Polska) 
  12. Ana Chronicle - Ana Crónica © Luís Queiroga Ferraz (Portugal) 
1 … Galli (The Lane) is about the people and the Life in the Lane . The Lane in the times of a modern
small town India which is restless and wants to break free from its shackles of convention, moral and existential crisis and the rigid socio-cultural structure. The Film tries to explore the incidents happening in Seven days time . It highlights the contrasts, similarities , paradoxes , randomness and abstractness of contemporary human life with the universal themes of Birth, Trust , loneliness , Frustration , Friendship , Happiness and Death.

2 A short film about a young woman who is cheating on her husband. She can’t come to terms with her bad conscience and the stress of her double life.

3 Athens was covered by a strange yellow dust. At first everyone thought it was sulfur but a few hours later Yellow Fieber erupted. No one expected what was about to happen. No one could tell that the city would turn into a forest of palms. Yellow Fieber is a story of the loss of a city.

4 Although being an elastic term tolerance still has its natural limits.

 5 The world, taken from the pages of literature, appears in front of our eyes as a foreground of a
fantastic dream and an enormous solitude, of an innocent love and a mortal sin. The ghosts of the past and future generations are terrifying. The stories of the protagonists of this drama are intermingled with the universal story of a human being, entangled in his own biography and historical destiny. And the music, song and dance create a parallel and archetypal reality.

6 Nadine Asmar (1994) is an aspiring Lebanese director, freelance photographer, producer, editor and movie blogger, with a bachelora’s degree in Audiovisual from the Lebanese University. The Blind of the Cathedral is her graduation movie.

7 A film about Love and Fear.
8 „3xLove” is a film – experiment: how one may react to news of a pregnancy at different periods of
life. How different stages of our relationship, its quality, secrets influence the way we are talking. This short film is made up of three scenes, seemingly identical, but in reality completely different.

9 I shot this film in Dublin, during a Street Artists Festival in Merrion Square. It was interesting to me how to discover the complexity of a moment. I wanted to reflect nostalgia, our ambitions, our fallen spirits and the rise of our psychology of behavior. Still, life is full of moments that are worth living and this film is about the positiveness in nostalgia.

10 The story is set four and a half decades ago in a backward area of Telangana, a southern Indian state.
'Yadagiri' is in his hut, playing happily with his 6 years old daughter. Unexpectedly police come to the house of Yadagiri and take him out. The daughter is still waiting even though it is already mid night, for her father, to continue playing. Why Yadagiri did not return home, forms the rest of the story.

 11 The protagonist of the film, Jan Rebizant, shows us, in an incredibly simple and authentic manner,
some fundamental truths about life. Based on some elements of his own life, his story affirms the capacity of a human being, at any place or time to find meaning and joy in life. He only needs to desire it.

12 This film appears as an work extremely personal, trying at the same time, looking to the
contemporary Portuguese reality, merging them, not treating the audience as someone smaller, but as a human being capable of read between the lines and interpret not only what is shown, but reflect the reality that’s implicit.

Late night screening 
Friday June 24, 2016, start 9 p.m. 
Venue : POLISH HAUSE/ DOM POLSKI , 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2
  1. Even Droids Have Friends © Caroline Grace - Casidy, Sorcha Furlong ( Irlandia) 
  2. Kendra & Mario - Wedding Art © Bernardo Martínez (Meksyk) 
  3. Tanker © Aashutosh Bhosekar (Indie) 
  4. Stop © Tomek Rydzek (Irlandia / Polska) 
  5. The roles © BENSALEM Mohamed Bachir (Algieria) 
  6. Love At First Light © Caroline Grace – Casidy (Irlandia) 
  7. One last look © Robbie Walsh (Irlandia) 
  8. The Current © Eamonn Murphy (Irlandia) 

Jury SFF Oddalenia 2016

Edyta Dolan – The President of the Jury Chairperson of the Irish Polish Society. She studied Digital Media Production and was involved in the production of short movies for the Digital Skills Academy, International Digital Services Centre, Deloitte and Tearfund Ireland.

Katarzyna Kasperkiewicz - Honorary member of the Jury / Honorowy
członek jury Katarzyna Kasperkiewicz graduated with MA in Local Government and Development Management from Warsaw University in 2001. Since 1999 she has been working for the Department of Foreign Affairs. From 2007 to 2011 she fulfilled the duties of a consul in legal matters in the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago. Since November 2015 she has been working as consul in the visa section of the Polish Embassy in Dublin. She is married with two children. In her spare time she likes to travel and be active with her family. Among the types of film she likes are nature films, documentaries and thrillers.

Barbara Bugals

She graduated in Media Education & Computer Graphics and Digital Technology, Design & Innovation. She has been sitting on the POSK Committee for the last 6 years. At present she is working as a Web/Graphic Designer in The Digital Hub, Dublin. She likes good cinema, jazz and hiking. She believes that only through continuous learning and development one is able to stay in love and enjoy life to the full.

Jason Dolan
He has been working in IT for over 10 years and is an avid photographer and film aficionado. He is an Irish Polish Society member and can be seen running around photographing people during the events at the Polish House. During his spare time he also enjoys DIY, gardening, reading and writing.

Robert Gill
He is the chairman and co- founder of the Richard Harris Film Festival. He is a Limerick born strategy consultant with many years’ experience in communications, market research, real estate and financial services with Merrill Lynch, Paddy Power and SUMO Capital. He attended Crescent College following in the footsteps of Richard Harris, University of Limerick and DCU. A long-time fan of Richard Harris and with a deep interest in the arts, Rob is currently working on a five year plan for the Richard Harris International Film Festival.

Sandy Hazel 
Sandy Hazel is a writer, videographer and journalist. She studied film and TV production in London where she worked in casting. She has worked as a commercials scriptwriter for radio and is currently a reporter. She is still amazed that all the books, poems and scripts in the world come from combinations of some 26 characters.

Stephen Jeffery Stephen Jeffery is a novelist, filmmaker, scriptwriter and composer. His current
project “Oppenheimer’s Pipe” - a thirty-minute film of his own script - is in pre-production. He lives in Dublin with his wife and two children. Stephen Jeffery - prozaik, reżyser, scenarzysta i kompozytor. Jego obecny projekt “Oppenheimer’s Pipe” - trzydziesto minutowy film oparty na własnym scenariuszu - jest w przedprodukcji. Mieszka w Dublinie z żoną i dwójką dzieci.

Brian O’GradyBrian O’Grady has an eclectic career that encompasses chemistry, short films, documentaries and even tech startups. After completing his undergraduate studies at UCD, his love of the emotional and visual power of cinema led him to finally find a creative outlet to share his insights. He has also worked as a video editor in TV post-production projects. He presently earns his crust in a digital media startup.

Magdalena Pawlak
Magdalena graduated in culture studies from Wrocław University. She has an organisational mind, a multi-faceted look at the world around and the ability of synthetic thinking. She possesses an innate sensibility and empathy which facilitates her insight into the creative process quite easily and makes her open to artists and their individuality. She aspires to active engagement in cultural activities.

Perer Zemek 
Peter is from Bratislava, Slovakia and has been living in Ireland for the past 9 years. He is a freelance writer and photographer, curator of the Deja View Cineclub and director of the Visegrad Film Festival in Cork. He started the Deja View Cineclub in Camden Palace in 2014. They show independent, underground and cult classic films from all over the world with special guest events thrown into the mix. Noticing the interest in movies from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech republic he got the idea of creating the Visegrad Film Festival. Their first festival last year was a big success and they are planning the second year for September 2016 focusing this time around on Polish films.

Justyna Zidar
Justyna Zidar – graduated from University of Katowice where she studied Radio; TV and TV; Film Production. She collaborated in making TV programmes and in film production. In 2015 she completed TV training course at The Park Studio, Dublin.