events 2006

CHRISTMAS BREAKDecember 2006On the last two Saturdays of December, i.e.: 23 and 30 December the Polish House was closed. During Christmas break numerous regular visitors of the Polish House went back home to meet their families and spend that special season with them.

17 December 2006The children attending Polish classes in the Polish House prepared and performed a nativity play under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Ma?gorzata. An audience consisting mainly of the parents and families of the children was delighted with the show with its very attractive theatrical scenery.

A SEMINAR ON THE CHALLENGE OF IMMIGRATION FOR SMALLER COUNTRIES OF EUROPE7 – 8 December 2006A representative of POSK was invited to the seminar organised by University College Dublin (UCD) and NORFACE concerning the challenges of immigration for smaller countries of Europe. We presented the profile of the Polish community in Ireland and our activities. The audience listened intently and greatly appreciated the presentation.

EXHIBITION OF CRACOW CRIBS, WOODEN SCULPTURES AND THE PAINTINGS ON THE GLASS BY ANNA MALIK24 November – 3 December 2006With great pleasure we organised in the Polish House an exhibition of Cracow cribs, paintings on the glass and wooden sculptures by Anna Malik, all on the theme of Christmas. Our House became for 10 days a true angel‘s home. The exhibition was very popular, and many exhibits were sold.

15 November 2006POSK was invited to the presentation of the interesting publication called: „Polish Migrant Workers in Ireland” by Katarzyna Kropiwiec, who visited our House beforehand to gather materials. During the meeting in the interesting international circle the reasons for Polish emigration and the insights into Poles’ lives in Ireland were presented. We observed with pleasure the first attempts to analyse our stay in Ireland in an open international forum.

14 October 2006Before the cold days for the second time this year we decided to meet outdoors. Our garden was filled with tasty smells of grilled meat, and we all enjoyed Polish music.

A VISIT OF THE DELEGATION OF POLISH SEJM I SENATE IN THE POLISH HOUSE4 October 2006The Speaker of the Sejm Mr. Pan Marek Jurek together with a large group of Polish politicians and the New Ambassador to Ireland Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski paid a short informal visit to our House. Together with the representatives of POSK and Mr. Cathal McCabe, a director of the Ireland Poland Cultural Foundation, they discussed cultural Polish-Irish contacts. We hope that this debate will increase the promotion of our culture in Ireland.

3 October 2006The journalists of the leading Polish media: TVP 1 „Wiadomos´ci” („News”), a daily newspaper „Rzeczpospolita” and the Polish Press Agency (PAP) paid an informal visit to the Polish House. They were hosted the same way as Poles who visit it every Saturday, i.e. they were served refreshments and had a long conversation concerning the life of Poles in Ireland. As the result, a feature reflecting life here has been broadcast on the main news of TVP 1.

2 October 2006The representatives of POSK participated in the open meeting with representatives of the Polish Sejm and Senate, which was organised by our Embassy in the Park Inn Hotel, Dublin 7. We presented important matters bothering Poles living in Ireland and we tried to find solutions. We hope that this meeting will bring some essential changes…

OPENING OF THE COMPUTERISED POLISH LIBRARY NAMED AFTER PETRONELLA BROWN AND A TALK BY MR JACEK KOZIK30 September 2006To officially open our improved Polish Library, named after Petronella Brown, we invited Mr Jacek Kozik – a poet, philosopher and literature lover, who gave a talk titled: „A man is a man because of the memory, humanity – thanks to a book.”
We have also officially welcomed the new Polish Ambassador to Ireland Mr Tadeusz Szumowski and his wife.
We closed the evening with the refreshments and cultural discussions.

A MEETING WITH THE NEW POLISH AMBASSADOR TO IRELAND MR TADEUSZ SZUMOWSKI AND REPRESENTATIVES OF THE POLISH AUTHORITIES17 September 2006Due to taking up by Mr Tadeusz Szumowski the function of the Ambassador of Poland to Ireland and the official handing over of St. Audoen’s church from Irish authorities to the Poles, representatives of the Polish authorities came to Dublin. These included Mr. Maciej P?az²ynski, Vice-speaker of the Sejm (the lower chamber of the Polish parliament), and Professor Andrzej Stelmachowski, the Chairman of the Association “Wspólnota Polska” (Polish Community).
In the new Polish church, at 14 High Street, Dublin 8, the Primate of Poland, Cardinal Józef Glemp and Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin concelebrated the mass. Afterwards we met with the new Polish Ambassador and the politicians to discuss the issues bothering us and to find the solution together.
The discussion, which was at times tumultuous, brought us closer to each other and we hope that it will increase our solidarity and cooperation abroad…

AFTERHOLIDAY MEETINGS OF THE POLES IN THE POLISH HOUSEAugust 2006A majority of us returned from holidays and came to our Saturday meetings to share memories of their journeys with their countrymen. Our new library system has been met with enthusiasm by book-lovers longing for Polish literature, who paid their first visit after the break on 5th August in the Polish House.

COMPUTERISATION OF THE LIBRARYJuly 2006In July 2006 the Polish House was closed.
With our book-lovers in mind, and for practical purposes too, we prepared a professionally organised Polish library. The computerisation of the book system has improved access to and use of our rich collection of books in POSK.

FAREWELL TO THE POLISH AMBASSADOR TO IRELAND MR WITOLD SOBKÓW25 June 2006On the occasion of the end of his term as Polish Ambassador to Ireland, we, together with The Irish Polish Society, organised a farewell party for Mr Witold Sobków, during which we thanked Mr Sobków for his support of the work of our organisations and frequent participation in Polish-related events. The party was enhanced by a musical programme, which included the works of Fryderyk Chopin and Stanislaw Moniuszko, performed by Polish tenor, Jacek Wislocki to the accompaniment of David Bremner and Irish pianist Therese Fahy. Refreshments were served but the main attraction was an enormous cake! There was plenty for everyone…

PICNIC UNDER THE STARS10 June 2006In accordance with a newly emergent Polish custom in Dublin, we met on the June Bank Holiday weekend in the intimate surrounds of the garden of the Polish House. Apart from good food: grilled beef and chicken with bread accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine, we sang a few national songs and danced away under the stars to a selection of Polish hits.
There was no end to the dancing, partying and general fun which was had by all…

CELEBRATION OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE 3rd OF MAY6 May 2006We met in the Polish House to celebrate the 215th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the 3rd of May, a document which was far ahead of its time, promoting freedom and pioneering in Europe. A lecture was given and afterwards a vocal recital took place by Ewa Marcinkowska to the accompaniment of Argentinian pianist German Lema.

COMMEMORATION OF THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF POPE JOHN PAUL II AND UNVEILING AND CONSECRATION OF HIS PORTRAIT1 April 2006To express our gratitude and admiration for the achievements of Pope John Paul II, on the first anniversary of his death we decided to commemorate him in the Polish House by commissioning a portrait by Cracow artist Adam Kie?b. Our long-standing chaplain, Andrzej Pyka and chaplain to the Polish community in Ireland, Jaros?aw Maszkiewicz, celebrated a solemn mass, during which the painting was blessed. The painting can be admired by all in the Polish House..
During the event we recalled the life and activities of our Polish Pope, bringing tears to the eyes of some members of the audience…

MEETING OF THE POLISH COMMUNITY IN IRELAND WITH THE PRESIDENT OF IRELAND, MARY McALEESE22 March 2006The representatives of POSK were officially invited to the meeting with the President of Ireland Mary McAleese, which took place in the residence of the Polish Ambassador. During her speech the President addressed many warm words towards Polish people living in Ireland and expressed her admiration for the achievements of our nation. Our Ambassador reciprocated with praise for the Irish.
The cornerstone of the meeting was the commendable refreshments…

SATURDAY MEETINGS OF THE POLES IN THE POLISH HOUSEJanuary / February 2006Another year has begun, it’s already 2006, and following a short break, we renewed our Saturday meetings in the Polish House.
Having coffee, tea and biscuits and watching Polish TV stations, we talked about our lives in Ireland and turned our thoughts to the Motherland…

A group of countrymen and women, which regularly visits the Polish House, discussed new ideas to add variety to our time spent together. We already have an informal travel club, which regularly makes plans for trips all over Ireland. There are also other interest groups, such as bridge and chess clubs, which perhaps one day will organise tournaments. The idea of organising heats for a song contest has also arisen, the winner of which could be selected at the end of the year.

The number of New Year’s plans which will be carried out depends solely upon us. If the originators take due initiative we will help them to implement them.

One thing is certain - the Committee of POSK aims to improve the Polish House. Our priority goals for 2006 are the implementation of a modern computerised book system in our library, which consists of thousands of Polish volumes, and starting the renovation of the basement area of the house for social and cultural purposes.