Destination Dublin - exhibition

"Destination Dublin" - exhibition of graphic works by Oksana Budna in the space of the Polish House in Dublin. he exhibition will present works included in the cycle "On Emigration - notes from the Green Island" and the latest works.

In her creative activities, the artist mainly refers to man, his experiences, emotions and encountered situations. She plays the role of an observer, trying to catch some issues that bother her, which are later transferred to the matrix. Metal techniques have become the perfect "tool" for showing her expression - thick etched line or flat spot of black-aquatint are one of the main means of expression.

In her compositions, she also uses photographic quotes to give some authenticity to the phenomena she observed. Going further in her activities, she combines intaglio printing with other graphic techniques in search of new means of expression.

Currently, screen printing elements appear in her works, which perfectly match the fleshiness of intaglio printing techniques. The colour also has its significance in her compositions, it appears as an accent or a large plane that complements the entire composition.

In 2012, she began studying Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts, at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. From the second year of her studies, she chose Workshop Graphic - Intaglio Printing Studio as her studies specialization, conducted by prof. Bogumiła Pręgowska and dr hab. Marek Zajko.

She obtained her artistic diploma in 2017 with distinction, under the supervision of dr hab. Marek Zajko. Currently, she works as an assistant in the Graphic Arts Department at the Fine Arts Department of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and is also a second-year doctoral student at her home university.

Her artistic achievements include four individual exhibitions and participation in over 60 group exhibitions in the country and abroad

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