Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2015

There will be a Short Film Festival Gala entitled ODDALENIA 2015 in the Polish House, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2 on Saturday 13 June 2015 at 7pm. The Polish Social and Cultural Association in Dublin is the organizer of this Festival.

19 films were submitted to the Festival and we have chosen 8 productions which in our opinion are the best and most interesting. Their creators are from different parts of the world.

During the festival there will be an exhibition of photography prepared by the POZYTYWni Group. This group is made up of four photography enthusiasts who want to pass on their knowledge and skills to others. Autors: Małgorzata Pióro, Grażyna Sobik, Łukasz Pedlowski, Bartłomiej Pilarczyk

The project Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2015 is co-financed by The Embassy of the Republic of Poland

List of finalists:

  1. Tonn Nua? © Niall Clery & Peter McKeown
  2. The Countryman © Eamonn Norris
  3. Nie dotykając gór / Flying over the moutains © Paweł Powolny
  4. Let me out, let me in © Bartosz Piątek
  5. A history of Amazement © Aleksander Szeser
  6. Prometeusz / Prometheus © Piotr Nalazek
  7. Violeta © Francesco Cocco
  8. Pepper © Marc Cleary (withdrawn for technical reasons)
The expected duration of films is 2 hour.

Please click her for the finalist movies description

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As places are limited, we ask guests to be punctual. The films to be presented are adults only.

Members of the jury of the Festival ODDALENIA 2015 (full list):
  • Edyta Jankowska – Chairperson
  • Barbara Bugalska
  • Jason Dolan
  • Kamila Dydyna
  • Daria Galant
  • Robert Gill
  • Emmet Kelly
  • Sabina Wasik

  • Irish Polish Society
  • The Richard Harris Film Festival in Limerick
The winning film of the Festival will be shown during the Richard Harris Film Festival in October 2015 in Limerick.

Media patrons:


The designer of the Grand Prix Statuette :
  • Robert Solarz

During the Festival Gala music will be provided by IRIS, a band composed of:
  • Anna Łoniewska
  • Roger Sablik
  • Conor Jeram

ODDALENIA Festival Gala presenter:
  • Aneta Dina Keder
The Gala starts at 7pm.

As places are limited, we ask guests to be punctual. The films to be presented are adults only.

A big thank you to all who helped in the preparation of the Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2015.