events 2009

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"POSKowa M (N) oc Gifts" 
Saturday, December 19, hours. 19.00 
Christmas is a magical time! Christmas table with 12 traditional dishes, a fresh tree was brought from the forest, presents, singing carols common ... Polish Center of Socio-Cultural prepared this year "POSKową M (N) ow Gifts. On Saturday, on 19 December at 19.00 we invite you to the Polish Home on Christmas Eve with lots of musical surprises. Ugościmy dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, stew, festive fish, hot borsch, makowcem and red wine. The most beautiful Christmas carol sing KAMIL Studies and proceedings with piano accompaniment OCHMAŃSKIEGO New Year Eve! Festive welcome. Admission: 10 euros (event code: red) Please confirm participation since the planned number of places is limited to e-mail: slawomir.norberczak @ or SMS to the number 0857150259. 

Spectacle musical - poetic "ABANDONED DREAMS" 
Saturday, 12 December, at. 19.00 
POSK WGMP HOPS Dublin and the anniversaries of inhibition of transformation in Poland, martial law, invites you to show music - poetic "ABANDONED DREAMS. After the show a film entitled "THE LAST PROM 'Meeting on Saturday begin at 19.00, at the headquarters Posk-u, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2 

Krakowski Salon of Poetry in Dublin 
Saturday, December 5 hrs. 18.00 
December 5 at 18.00 at the Polish Center of Socio-Cultural (20 Fitzwilliam Place) took place the next Krakowski Salon of Poetry in Dublin. Poems by Zbigniew Herbert and Czeslaw Milosz's Theater actors will read them.Julius Slowacki in Krakow: Radoslaw Krzyżowski and Dominika Bednarczyk-Krzyzowska. 

General Meeting 
Saturday, 21 November at. 18.30 
The General Assembly was held Saturday 21 November at 18.30. Invitation to the meeting has been sent to members who have paid this year's premium. Persons who have not yet uiściły contributions for 2008 (5 euros) for an urgent, please send it to the Hon. Treasurer Tomasz Machura, Posk, 20 Fitzwillam Place, Dublin 2 or to provide contributions to the person on duty. At the same time we invite people who benefit from the Polish Home, and has not yet been engraved into POSKu to do so. This will be a sign of your solidarity with us, or with the Board Posk-in, which so persistently and with great devotion social work in the Polish House in Dublin. 

Meeting with famous Polish Himalayan Anna Czerwińska 
Saturday, 14 November at. 18.30 
On Saturday, 14 November we had the honor of hosting the great and famous Polish Himalayan Czerwińska Anna, who arrived in Ireland at the invitation of Posk-u share with us stories of acquiring eight-thousanders. 

FOTOMELODIA - jumble Senses 
Friday, November 7, at. 19.00 
On Saturday, November 7 19.00 took place a super-event: FOTOMELODIA - jumble Senses - - an exhibition of photographs. And against this background, the concert Kamil Drelichowskiego that the wave of recent success is getting ready to appear on the television show All Ireland Talent Show. 

"Autumn musings tea cup" - a concert of Migratory Group Musical poetic HOPS 
Saturday, 31 October at 18.30 
Polish Social and Cultural Center in Dublin, organized a traveling concert Autumn Musical Group poetic HOPS.Title evening, "autumn cup of tea meditation" against the backdrop of the concert will Julita Jaroszuk art works and photographs, some snapshots from the life-HOPS Group. Meeting will be held on Saturday 31 October 2009, at the headquarters Posk-in: 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, at 18.30. 

KINOPOLIS 2009 - IV Polish Film Festival will be held on 22-26 October at Cineworld cinema on Parnell Street. Further information about the festival Kinopolis 2009. 

Evening Historical POSKu - What we know and what we do not know about Russification and Germanization in the nineteenth century - Dr. Thomas Kamusella 
Saturday, 17 October, 19.00 
On Saturday, October 17, 19.00 lecture took place in August with Dr. Thomas Kamusella Coleg Trinity under the title: What do we know and what we do not know about Russification and Germanization in the nineteenth century. 

In the twentieth century, reinforced the school and textbooks in the awareness of Poles strongly zmitologizowany picture Partition period of time as a "struggle for the Polish language" and "anti-Germanization and Russification. But myths do not always correspond to the historical facts, and now in Poland, which is a member of the European Union, probably worth looking at the matter from a multicultural perspective. Indeed, social change, political, cultural and economic times of the partitions are responsible for the way they traveled from the history of the Republic of Poland the Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the Polish nation-state. From linguistic point of view in this country only the first 1 / 3 residents spoke in Polish (or rather made use of dialects, which can be classified as "Polish"), in interwar Poland was already 2 / 3 residents, and during the 80s of the twentieth century only a fraction percent used a language other than Polish. But the entry of Poland to the EU, the situation begins to change, not only because of the massive settlement of Poles in other EU countries. 

"POSKowe trips - Guatemala 
Saturday, October 10, hours. 18.00 
On Saturday, 10 October hrs. 18.00 in the series "POSKish journeys - 
Tomasz Machura shared with us their adventures in Guatemala. 

Dance in the evening 
Friday, October 3, hours. 18.00 
On Saturday, 3 October at 18.00 Wieczorek Dance took place in August. 

Julita Jaroszuk author's Exhibition "Musical Influences" 
Saturday, September 26, hours. 18.00 
Julita Jaroszuk author's Exhibition "Musical Influences". When she presented the exhibition oil paintings, fabric and collage. Art is accompanied Julicie from early childhood. Music is interwoven with fine arts, and vice versa, so do not miss the exhibition of musical elements. During the presentation she repeals hem of mystery and also show her skills 
Media sponsor of the exhibition Julita Jaroszuk "Musical Influences" was the Polish Express magazine. 

24 September 
The funeral card: we would like to announce the death of Mrs. Maria Gliwy, an activist AK Ravensbrück prisoner, brave Poles. After the war, Mrs. Maria worked in England as the main fizjoterapeutka in Mabledonie, a hospital for Polish victims of mentally by the war. Her husband Stanislaw Gliwa, an experienced graphic designer and printer, printing hand ran the famous London publishing house, and after his death in 1986, Mrs. Mary devoted her life to secure her husband's artistic achievements and memory of him. She was energetic and uśmiechnętą person, sensitive to human suffering and joy. She died in Dublin on 94 years of age. RIP 

Body Poetry Anna Dymna 
Saturday, September 19, hours. 19.00 
Poland organized a group of Peace Corps next Krakowski Salon of Poetry in Dublin. Evening guests were Grazyna Barszczewska - Warsaw known television actress ( "Career Nikodym Dyzmy", "Rectory", "Londoners"), film ( "Schwanengesang," "Jakob the Liar") and theater, Krzysztof Orzechowski, Cracow, director, actor and director Theater. Julius Slowacki in Krakow. Anna Dymna husband privately. Artists read Polish Flowers by Julian Tuwim to the accompaniment of accordion music performed by Jack Hołubowskiego, Krakow music cooperating with many theaters in Poland, a member of the formation of Max Klezmer Band.Body-led Agnieszka Grzesiak and Boleslaw Kozina Kozina. Admission is free. 

Treasure film 
Friday, September 5, hours. 20.00 
"Treasure" - Comedy, 104 minutes, Poland 1949, directed by Leonard Buczkowski Actors: Danuta Szaflarska, Jerzy Duszynski, Adolf Adler, Louis Sempolinski, Alina Janowska. 

"Treasure" is the first Polish post-war comedy. Its action takes place in Warsaw, against odbudowującego the city. Authors had to use the material extremely interesting and rich scenery full of contrasts and exotic - and the ruins of a pulsating metropolitan life, extraordinary situations and conflicts due to the specific conditions of existence of Warsaw, forced to live in overcrowded premises. 

Concert Kamila Drelichowskiego 
Saturday, September 12, hours. 19.00 
Winner of the "chance for success" and the singer singing the Polish national anthem, before wielotysięcznym crowd of supporters gathered at the stadium Croke Park in Dublin during a football match the representation of Ireland-Poland, re-sung in the Polish Home! 

"Memories of September 1939 - Maria Romanowska 
Saturday, August 29, at. 18.00 
"Memories of September 1939. Private, war memoirs v Maria Romanowska the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. After the meeting, screening of the film "Hubal" (1973). Synopsis: The history of struggle of soldiers commanded by the legendary Major Henryk Dobrzanski, who in the face of overwhelming enemy forces and the surrender of the capital decides to remain in the country, gaining a nickname and partisan warfare. 

This way a healthy girl, calling me home! 
I'm going to fight for the country among his countrymen the wheel; 
Although come to pursue the enemy as far as 
I will never forget the way you like me. 
After what is a tear in your eye, why does the heart beat? 
You must love and home life! 
Remember that you are a Pole, that the struggle for the country, 
Polish independence-it is your rival. 

I can feel it, for I am a Pole! Fatherland in need, 
Do not remember me, do not save themselves, 
Who does not know her suffering and her voice przytłumi, 
Unworthy of love and love does not know how. 

Photo exhibition "The Jasminum" Kama Trojak 
Saturday 22 August, pm. 18.00 
Kama Trojak showing her photographs at Taste of Dublin. Now the Poles living in Ireland can be seen in an exhibition at the Polish Home. 

Kama Trojak graduated from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in the direction of Surveying and spatial. For several years he was associated with an outbreak of Fine Arts District in Malbork, where under the guidance of painter George Krempa developed artistic talent. Currently meets in discovering the secrets of photography. Her talent has been noticed also in Dublin, where at this year's Taste of Dublin presented its latest exhibition "Stratosphere". Photos of the artist could have seen in Dublin in prestigious venues, including at last year's Africa Day. - We decided to bring the Polish artist's pictures also immigrants living in Green Island - said Bogdan Wegrzynek, co-organizer of the exhibition. In addition to the exhibitions we have a few surprises, music and cooking for guests. 

Visit the new Consul Mr. Grzegorz Jagielski 
Saturday, August 22, at. 18.00 
During the exhibition of photographic house you visited Polish Consul Gregory Jagielski, desiring to make the Poles living in Ireland. 

Body of Poetry at the Polish Home 
Saturday, June 13, hours. 19.00 
On Saturday 13 June at 19.00 took place the next Salon of Poetry in the Polish House, organized by the Polish Peace Corps. This time, our guests will be Dorothy Segda - wonderful and very famous actress and Stanislaw Radwan - an outstanding composer of film music and theater. Dorothy Segda will read poems by Wislawa Szymborska, and sit at the piano, Stanislaw Radwan, also doing some own compositions. 

Child Benefit and not only - a series of seminars on health and family benefits 
Saturday, June 6, hours. 12.30 
On the occasion of Mother's Day and Children's Day-related organizations and the Polish Forum Polonia Express zaprasily the Information Day, during which we - the present and future - and the entire family be allowed to seek advice from health, social welfare and labor law. 

Seminar Program: 
- Caird, the organization of health - how to use the Irish health service? What to do with the high hospital bill?For which care for pregnant women can count? (45min) 
- SIPTU - What should my employer provide me, if you become pregnant? What are my rights for working parents? (45min) 
- Cross Care - Child Benefit and what's next? (45min) 
- Dublin City Council - How the city can help you with buying your own four corners? (45min) 

These organizations will also be information stands and will give individual advice. Is planned for the corner of the consolations of reading fairy tales. Admission to the event is free. 

HE Ambassador Tadeusz Szumowski "70 years the alliance between the Polish and the UK" - Read Inauguracy Evenings Historical POSKu 
Saturday, May 30, hours. 19.00 
For many months planning cycle Posk Historic Evenings. It is with great pleasure to announce that on Saturday 30 May 19.00 HE Ambassador Tadeusz Szumowski, PhD in history, honor our Inaugural reading Fri"70 years the alliance between the Polish and the UK." Evening promises to be very interesting, and he himself gives a lot about the thinking and discussion. 

DANCING ON THE EVIL AXIS Iran or Anno Domini 2009 
Saturday, 23 May 2009, at. 18.00 
Polish Center of Socio-Cultural and Polish Express magazine held a meeting with Mark Lenarcikiem, a journalist specializing in international politics and travel. Mark Lenarcik zapzentowal socio-political and he showed a slide of a recent trip to the country make Lenarcik Persians. More information: 

Eurowizyjne Party 
Thursday, May 14 and Saturday, 16 May at. 19.30 
May 14 (Thursday) and 16 May (Saturday) at. 19.30 held EUROWIZYJNE PARTY! In April, the Polish House hosted a special visit LIDIA KOPANIA, Polish representative to this year's Eurovision Song Contest. We participated in POSKowej promotional campaign to help Lydia in getting to the finals of the competition, and classes in the best position. EUROWIZYJNE PARTY is a lot of music, fun, emotion and musical competitions with prizes and of course HIGHLIGHTS - vote during television broadcasts. More information. 

Review of Amateur Films: 2009 distance 
Saturday, May 9 - 18.00 - 21.00 
Admission free 
The program includes: 
- Films made in Ireland 
- Videos made by the Amateur Film Club of Dabrowa Mining 
- Videos Cabaret DNO 
Details of Amateur Film Review: remoteness 2009 

Majowa Aurora 
May 2 
Day and Polish May 3 Constitution Day celebrated on Saturday, May 2, a formal reading of the Constitution of May 3, and singing patriotic songs. Singing carried by the wind and the Polish flag waving over the Polish House reminded that passes the next anniversary of May Day Dawn. 

What POSKowe - Montenegro - the "black pearl" Adriatic 
April 25 
Saturday 25 April, at. 18.00: "Montenegro - the" black pearl "Adriatic". Witek Rudowski, mountain climber, will be talking about diversity of nature and landscape of a small country that has such a great tourist opportunities. During the meeting, a slide show. 

Compoment ball sandwich - building relationships 
April 18 
On Saturday 18 April Circle of Friends Foundation, John Paul II was organized to "sandwich compoment Ball - building relationships." Was a screening of Polish tradition of Easter, at ao. 17.00 PUT projection pictures of the meeting held with children in March 2009 by the Peace Corps. 

Lidia Kopania visited the Polish House in Dublin 
April 19 
Polish representative to the 54th Eurovision Song Contest Lidia Kopania had established presence in Dublin on 19 April, the festival promoting his song, "I do not want to leave." More information. 

Easter Breakfast 
April 12 
On Easter Sunday in the chair. 10.00 was held at the Polish Home on the Easter Breakfast. We hope that for those of you who have not gone at Easter to their loved ones, the common, traditional Polish Easter breakfast was excellent opportunity to spedzienia this time in the company of compatriots in a relaxed atmosphere and feast. Page umilila us holy music and fun contests and Easter. More information>> 

Traditional Cake Easter bazaar 
April 4 
On Saturday April 4 - Saturday before Palm Sunday - 16:00 Circle of Friends Foundation, John Paul II has invited all the traditional cakes Easter bazaar. Revenue from the event is destined for charity (and especially the Easter breakfast for homeless Poles noclegujacych temporarily in the house of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity in Dublin and the hiring of locum support for them). 
After the fair, refreshments, and about at. 20.00 film "Certificate" (based on the memoirs of Fr. Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz). Film in Polish with English subtitles. 

Evening of poetry of Karol Wojtyla 
March 28 
on Saturday 28 March at. 20.00 Circle of Friends Foundation, John Paul II in Dublin, organized the musical and poetic evening "Together with John Paul II." The program recited poems of Karol Wojtyla in the implementation of Migratory Group HOPS and Leszek and Henia. 

An evening of poetry Adalbert Boros 
March 14 
On Saturday 14 March of the chair. 20.00 again welcomed a wonderful poet Adalbert Boros, this time with his debut Bonarską poet Joanna and Anna Maria Boros, who introduced us to two videoarty - Impressions film based on the poems of both poets. 

Twelfth Bard - a concert of sung poetry 
March 7 
On Saturday, 7 March at. 19.00 took place in August Twelfth Bard. Starring Piotr Wozniak, Simon Zychowicz and Tom Lewandowski - composers and performers niezwykli sung poetry. Read more. 

An evening with film star Slawomir Norberczaka 
February 28 
On Saturday 28 February, at. 18.30 in POSK zabłysely-in flashes, and appeared on the red carpet in August the biggest celebrities from the world of film. 
The next edition of the movie stars of the evening was the presentation, during which Slawomir Norberczak remote relationship with a visit to London ceremony to celebrate the BAFTA (the British film awards) and the IFTA (prizes awarded in Ireland). Do not run out a major film, photographs, original recordings and competitions with prizes. It was a truly Hollywood evening! 
On that day, officially began operations POSKowy FILM CLUB. 

II Body of Poetry Anna Dymna 
February 21 
On Saturday 21 February, at. 19:00, Salon II in the Poetry of Anna Dymna, Krzysztof Zawadzki and Ewa Kaim, actors Old Theater in Krakow presented us staroirlandzką poetry in translation by Ernest Bryll. Evening was organized by the Peace Corps. 

Valentine Event 
February 14 
On Saturday 14 February at 19.00 Polish event took place Valentine's Day! The program was only love and dance hits by singing Kamila Drelichowskiego (winner of the success and member Posk-u). 

Epiphany and the Nativity play in POSKu 
January 10 
On Saturday 10 January 2009. chair. 17.00 welcome the Christmas meeting, which will start Jasełkami, then divide the wafer, we will sing carols and drink hot wine. Nativity play will be acted out by children from the Polish School in Blackrock, which for the first time we have the pleasure to host the Posk. We believe that performance will ease many Polish children's hearts, so to see the Jasełkach!