Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2014

The name of our Short Film Festival – ODDALENIA means ”DISTANCES''.

This is the sixth edition of our festival. This time, it will last for two days.

The Final Gala SFF ODDALENIA 2014, will take place on Saturday, the 7th of June. We have chosen eleven films, their creators come from Poland, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Slovakia and Spain. The gala starts at 18.00.

Meanwhile, on Friday the 13th of June, there will be a lecture about copyrights in film, entitled: Film and The Law (the lecture will be held in English), hosted by David Langwallner and Krzysztof Kołodziński.

Lecture starts at 7pm, all are welcome.

Krystyna Rawicz’s collection of old Polish postcards, entitled Dear, beloved country will be displayed during the Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2014

Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2014
List of films that qualified for the Final Gala
  • The Debt Collector © Rob Walsh
  • The Paddy Factor © Tara Murphy
  • Morroco – Todra Gorge Climbing © Jan Maśny
  • Fabryka © Sebastian Kwidziński & Marcin Roszczyniała
  • Polskie Żullove © Jarosław Cyba
  • Oferta Weroniki © Wiesław Zielinski
  • Megheroarty Classic © Til Frohlich
  • Trying © Ryan O'Donnell.
  • From the life of Scarecrows © Grzegorz Dębowski
  • A day in the life of a pint © Rob Walsh
  • Crossed Wires © Tara Murphy
Estimated time of projection is 2h 15min.

Jury Members of the Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2014
Edyta Jankowska – the President
Jason Dolan
Bernardo Martínez Flores
Krzysztof Kołodziński
Magdalena Michalewicz
Krystyna Pycińska – Taylor
Justyna Zidar

Cooperation :

The Project - Short Film Festival ODDALENIA 2014, is co-funded by the Polish Embassy in Dublin


the Irish Polish Society

Media sponsors :


Author of the Grand Prix statuette for SFF ODDALENIA 2014:
Robert Solarz

Performing at the Final Gala SFF ODDALENIA 2014 will be a band called IRIS, whose members are:
  • Anna Łoniewska
  • Roger Sablik

Hosts of the Final Gala:
Aneta Dina Kedar
Kamila Okuniewska

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who helped organize SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ODDALENIA 2014

Polish Social and Cultural Association in Dublin